Indian Desi Cow stands out when compared with its overseas counterparts. It is easy to identify Indian Desi Cow just by observing these 2 features

1.    Hump: All Indian Desi Cows & bulls have hump on their back. This provides them advantage to carry more load.
2.    Dewlap: Indian cows develop a fold of loose skin hanging below neck. Dewlap provides high heat resistant capacity and makes desi cows & bulls sustain in all environments.

Just with a simple observation of these features, one can easily identify an Indian Desi Cow and differentiate between exotic(Hybrid) breed.
India has a rich heritage of cultivating breeds of Desi Cows.Manorma is a family of three breeds of Indian Desi Cows.

(1) Rathi (राठी)
This is important milch breed of cattle found in the western part of Rajasthan.
The home tract lies in the heart of Thar desert and includes Bikaner, Ganganagar and Jaisalmer district.
These Desi Cows are different from grey-white Hariana type animals called Rathi found in Alwar region of Rajasthan.

(2) Sahiwal (साहीवाल)
Synonyms- Lambl Bar, Lota, Multani, Montgomery, Teli.
This breed is one of the important dairy breeds of zabu cattle. Original breeding tract lies in Pakistan, but also found in Indo-Pak border in Ferozpur & Amritsar(Punjab), Ganganagar(Rajasthan).
It is known to have been introduced into 17 other countries besides India & Pakistan.

(3) Gir (गीर नस्ल)
Very good milk breed, synonymous with Bhodali, Desan, Gujarati, Kathiawari, Sorthi, Surati.
World renowned breed for its tolerance to stress conditions.
Adapted to scarcity conditions for years, this breed has devloped capacity for yielding more milk with less feeding, beside having resistance to various tropical diseases.